Carnival 2006 – Fete Pricing 101

I will rate prices of fetes from a scale of 1 -5 , in order of increasing price, with 5 being the highest priced fetes and what you should expect for the price of the ticket you are paying. Again this one person’s opinion and people will have different expectations of a party!

  • Category 1 = $0 – $ 100
    Everyone can get tickets to this fete. Fetes in this price range are heavily advertised on the radio and tend to be in Venues like Pier 1, Anchorage , Guaracara Park, Police Training College, Hasley Crawford Stadium etc. These tickets can be bought at a KFC… yeah you read right!!These types of fetes are to regarded with a lot of caution by foreigners, since again, there are simply too many people, too many fights and not enough security in these types of parties. IF you are a foreigner going to these parties, makes sure that you have a strong local contigent who know the ins and out of this type of crowd.

    You need to be very careful where you are in the crowd, try not to get be at the front towards the stage unless you like getting trampled. Again, this all relative, if you are a local, you know exactly what to expect, so there is no issue with this, but for a foreigner who is accustomed to a lot of personal space or the fact that if you get pickpocketed, that there might be security who will actually help you, then this is not your type of fete.

    $100 TT is the equivalent of $15 US and this is nothing for a party in the US or Canada, especially when you have to buy your drinks.

  • Category 2 = $101 – $200
    Again heavily advertised but the tickets are not available at a KFC or wide distribution network, but rather there are guest list numbers or record store sellingThis type of party still has security concerns at less than $200 level but at the $300 a ticket level, you should be getting all your drinks and maybe some food/snacks for the price of the ticket. At the > $200 level you start looking at the All inclusive category of parties and once you get to all inclusive, then there is a certain amount of security

    $200 TT is the equivalent of $30 US and this is a decent price for a party in the US or Canada, especially when you DONT have to buy your drinks… please refer to the tip in Feteing 101 outlined earlier

  • Category 3 = $201 – $300
    This is the lower end of the all inclusive scale. I elaborate above and below. Since this is a very median type category. Tickets tend to be higher or lower than $250
  • Category 3 = $301 – $500
    This type of party is usually the upper scale of the all inclusive like Moka All Inclusive or the Hedonism All Inclusive. Security is very tight here and these parties are only about by word of mouth. The sheer pricing of the parties is meant to eliminate the criminal element. But for your money, you get the best liquor, best food and great music.moka



    In these pics, the tents are all liquor and food tents, like this one here.
    more food

    I always go the Moka fete, since it is easily a highlight fete for me and my friends. The Brian Lara All inclusive is another one, but again tickets are very difficult to get for these, as they are no advertised.

  • Category 5 = $501 – $1000 and beyond
    This category of fete is ultra exclusive and tickets are only on name basis only. I have not been to any fete like this, since this tends to be expatriates and elite businessmen and networking is the only thing going on here. This is not the fete for the regular tourist, since the best bands and soca artistes never play at these fetes.Security, well this is beyond compare at these fetes, since people will walk with their own security guards at these fetes.. always undercover. I am sure you get the idea.