How much does playing mas in Trinidad cost?

With the post Carnival cool down over, it’s back to real life and figuring out the bills. The number 2 question, I’ve  gotten from readers is how much should I budget for my Trinidad Carnival plans?

Here is a detailed cost breakdown for Carnival 2012. I’ve included all Carnival and touring related costs. I recognize that this cost breakdown will differ depending on your own experience, but this is a rough average for any foreigner who can organize their own accommodation and transportation. If you’re looking for a packaged experience, expect to pay significantly more for everything.

<a href=””><img title=”Carnival 2012″ alt=”Carnival 2012 Cost Breakdown” src=”” width=”555″ height=”514″ /></a>

Overall costs are summarized below

<a href=””><img title=”Carnival 2012 summary” alt=”” src=”” width=”262″ height=”162″ /></a>

As you can tell, playing mas in Trinidad is not a cheap event by any stretch of the imagination, especially if you’re going to fete and drink EVERY night while you’re there. Going to all inclusive fetes can get tiring by the end of a 7 day stretch since you’re going to see the same routines on stage, hear the same music and see about the same people, especially in the all inclusive fetes.

<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”><strong>Disclaimers</strong></span>

My cost estimate should be fairly close for most foreigners assuming you’re
<li>Without a friend’s or families’ place to stay and have to rent a house or find a hotel. (Adjust upwardly if you’re using a full service hotel)</li>
<li>Without a family or friend’s car to use</li>
<li>You’re coming from some part of the Western region of North America with a month’s advance booking for your flight</li>
<li>Partying all week – you can adjust your estimate using the detailed breakdown.</li>
All in all … Carnival in Trinidad is EXPENSIVE … but completely worth it on your bucket list … unless you’re playing in Tribe (then you can really play in Brazil to get the same experience from a costume perspective … <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”><strong>shitty, poorly made, Chinese sourced costumes</strong></span> but great organization and facilities)