Iceland FAQ – September 11th – September 21st 2008

Question about passports:

  1. Do Canadians need a passport to enter Iceland? Nope… Schengen treaty rules!!!!
  2. What is the weather going to be like in September in Iceland?
    Updated road maps are located here : Road Conditions in Iceland with traffic to date weather in Iceland articles in Iceland
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  4. Photography in Iceland
  5. Camping information in Iceland
  6. Can I use my Canadian license in Iceland to drive?
  7. How much liquor are Canadians allowed to bring into the country.
    Answer: Visitors arriving by air should note that there is a duty free store for arriving passengers where they can buy cheap alcohol (at least cheap compared to Iceland). To find the duty free store just follow the Icelanders. No Icelander in their right mind will pass the duty free store upon arrival! Be sure to not exceed the allowance which is 1L strong alcohol and 1L light wine (less than 22%) or 1L strong and 6L of beer. The strong alcohol can be exchanged for either 1L light wine or 6L beer.
  8. How much does liquor really cost in Iceland?

    Answer: thoughts about bringing booze…
    I’m filling my wine skin for sure…. and we are taking two bottles of vodka each!!!!!!!!!
    My girlfriend Helga Lilja had a birthday last Sunday and has invited me over tonight to help her celebrate. I decided to bring a nice bottle of wine, so I dropped by the Vínbúð, the state-run liquor store. I got a decent Hungarian number with a really pretty label (I’m guilty of falling for good marketing and pretty labels when it comes to wine!) that cost 1190 kronur ($17.65). That’s just about as inexpensive as a bottle of wine goes here. Even Gallo.

    So how much does a bottle of, say, Smirnoff cost? A liter bottle of basic rum, vodka or gin costs 2990 kronur ($44.36)!!!!!!!! Yes, you could buy the same bottle at Safeway for $12! If you’re thinking of a nice whiskey or a bottle of Grey Goose you’re talking a thousand kronur more, or sixty bucks! Hmmm.

    So when you’re on your way here, think about bringing a few nice bottles of something if you should happen to meet good people and get invited to dinner or a party, or simply if you’d like to have a cocktail or nightcap at your hotel. I think you are allowed to bring one liter of strong liquor plus one bottle of wine or a sixpack of half-liter beers. You can buy it at the duty-free in Keflavík, but it’s not that much.

  9. Rules for driving in Iceland?

    Any special requirements for driving in Iceland?
    In Iceland drive on the right and overtake on the left. Headlights must remain on at all times while driving. Many roads in Iceland’s sparsely populated countryside are surfaced with loose gravel and must be driven carefully, slow down whenever approaching an oncoming car. Information on road conditions should be sought from the police before driving in the interior. These roads are often impassable until midsummer. When crossing unbridged streams great care must be taken. Some have fast currents and conditions can change quickly. Streams must be crossed slowly in first gear.

    What should I know about Parking in Iceland?

    Parking restrictions are strict but clearly indicated. Always park in the direction of the traffic and always at least 5 metres from pedestrian crossings and intersections.

    What is the speed limit on Icelandic Roads?
    The general speed limit is 50 km/h in urban areas, 80 km/h on gravel roads in rural areas and 90 km/h on paved roads.

    What is the alcohol limit in Iceland?

    A driver will loose his licence if the alcohol content of the blood reaches 0.05 and he/she will have to pay a heavy fine. 

    What are the seat belt regulations in Iceland?
    In Iceland seatbelts are compulsory front and rear. Children must be secured by either safety-belts or safety-seats.

    What is the minimum age for driving in Iceland?

    The minimum driving age in Iceland is 18. 

    Can I use my domestic licence in Iceland?
    Foreign driving licenses are valid in Iceland for visitors.

    What documents may i need to carry?

    It is advisable to carry your driving license, insurance certificate and vehicle registration, along with your passport. 

    What terms may I find useful when driving in Iceland?

    Unleaded gasoline – blylaust bensin
    Diesel – disilolia
    Toll – toll
    Parking – bilastaedi
    Exit – otgangur
    Entrance – inngangur
    Detour – krokaleid
    Hospital – spitali
    Police – logregla
    Police Station – logreglustod

    To check driving conditions, telephone :

    Tel: 354-563-1500.