Wandering Philadelphia – What am I eating at the Reading Terminal Market?

As I’m working in downtown Philadelphia, I have the opportunity to have some lunches at the Reading Terminal Market. My goal over the next couple months, will be to try all of the non-dairy stalls in the market. Long time readers of my blog will know of my affinity for markets … whether it’s having sushi at Tsukiji Market  in Tokyo, drinking maple vodka in Warsaw at the Christmas market, or looking for chicken soup and blue Corn Tortillas in Mercado San Lucas, Guatemala …  I’ll generally find the market in any city and attack it.

Looking at the map … it will take me a while to attack all the stalls in the market and I’ll update the map with the locations I’ve visited.

2016-07-27 13_28_07-Merchants - Reading Terminal Market

The plan is to try two stalls a week and see what I like and don’t like …
reading terminal market lunch

July 2016 : Week 1 – Stall 1 : Chinese comfort food at Sang Kee Peking Duck:

In Toronto, walking through Chinatown, you’ll always be greeted with the familiar sight of roasted ducks hanging in the window. In Philadelphia, going to the market is as close as you can get to a Chinatown BBQ shop with ducks hanging in a window without actually going into Chinatown. I ended up with #7 for duck, pork, vegetables, and white rice. It’s topped off with the juicy meat drippings, and it tastes like heaven. Food comes right out after you pay, and it’s easy to eat on the go (or grab a seat there if you can find space). As much as they are famous for their duck, you will want that pork. For $10, this is an awesome value and you’ll surely want more rice.  If you’re on a budget, you can get the duck, veggies and rice for 6.50$

Verdict : This is an easy recommendation and repeat. reading terminal market lunch

July 2016 Week 1 – Stall 2 : Jambalaya at Beck Cajun Cafe:

I love Jambalaya … I also make an excellent Jambalaya myself … always full of Chicken, Andouille Sausage and Shrimp. At Beck’s Cajun Cafe … their Jambalaya is pretty traditional … Andouille sausage, chicken, and shrimp served with rice, peppers, onions, and cajun creole seasoning. As it was a Wednesday, I thought I would go after their Wednesday trio special, but I was told that the Gumbo has tons of butter and the bread pudding would be off limits to me.

Overall, I thought that this was a satisfactory Jambalaya. It’s tasty enough to appease a craving but not enough spice to make you wish you had ordered a drink to go with your meal. I didn’t think that it was loaded with enough meat (I’m a little biased because my Jambalaya probably has an entire animal in it) This was a good value at $7.95, although if you’re super hungry then I would get the trio of Jambalaya … it will definitely ensure that you get the “ethnic fatigue”.

Verdict : Satisfactory but with all the other choices around, I wouldn’t repeat the Jambalaya.

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