Wandering Philadelphia – El Azteca Uno review – The best Mexican!

Today I was really craving some Ramen from Hiro’s but then I had a craving for a Michelada. El Azteca Uno is a block away from my current client and I’ve seen their signs on my way to the hotel but the exterior of the restaurant has always put me off. I can’t lie … it looks a little sketchy but as any foodie worth their salt … the best food can come from the sketchiest of exteriors.  el azteca uno review

So I put on my adventure hat and took the dive in for a Michelada … with the hope that maybe I would stay for more. It only took 10 seconds to be ok with sitting down and perusing the menu. I loved the painting of the seats … and while it might be tacky-ish, I liked it a lot. How can you not love those seats and the art???

After getting over myself and the surroundings, it was go time on the food, but first I had to order a Michelada. For those that don’t know …

A Michelada is a Mexican beer cocktail made with beer, lime juice, and assorted sauces, spices, and peppers. It is served in a chilled, salt-rimmed glass. There are numerous variations of this beverage throughout Mexico and Latin America. Some people in Mexico believe Micheladas are a good remedy for hangovers. There are different variations of micheladas; for example, in Mexico City, the most common form is prepared with beer, lime, salt, and particular hot sauces or chile slices. There are several other optional ingredients, such as Maggi sauce, Worcestershire sauce, chamoy powder, serrano peppers, Camaronazo, Clamato, or slices of orange.

My Michelada was the business – so then it was down to the business of the food. I ended up ordering the Taquitos Mexicano for my lunch. The result was not what I intended … I was hoping for a smaller portion so that I could get back to work without the “ethnic fatigue”. That didn’t happen. The chips and salsa came out first and the salsa was excellent …

The Taquitos are the best I’ve had outside of Mexico. They were fresh, crispy, tightly rolled and full of meat. The guacamole was fresh and the pico de gallo had enough cilantro and onions to satisfy my taste. The service was also excellent but the portions are huge! Some of the Yelp reviews on this place are brutal … but don’t read anything bad … the food is excellent. If I didn’t have tons of work to finish today, I would be coming back for Wednesday SIPS here … although I don’t think I would have the room to eat more.

Having a ton of food, a decent Michelada along with chips and salsa set me back about 18$ + taxes. It’s definitely worth it. I’ll repeat in about three weeks to see if the other dishes are as good.

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