Wandering Philadelphia : Llama Tooth review (1033 Spring Garden St)

2016-08-03 16_05_55-Llama Tooth - 97 Photos & 198 Reviews - American (New) - Spring Garden - PhiladeIn the latest installment of Wandering Philadelphia for different food … I ended up at Llama Tooth for dinner/happy hour.

It’s a funky spot off the main drag downtown … and they’ve definitely benefited from the Philadelphia Mural Arts program. As I think about some of the areas in Charlottetown where we currently live … I could see a lot of benefit in having mural like these around town. I’ll be adding this to my “Wandering Philadelphia theme” … there are more than 150 murals in the program and this is some fantastic work. It’s an incredible way to liven up or revitalize an area of the city.

llama tooth review llama tooth review llama tooth review



I ended up eating outside in the courtyard which has giant murals on both walls. It’s a very cute place for a date on a nice day. Inside, paintings of llamas cover the walls. I did want to love this place because of the menu, but it’s a miss for me.

In my typical Philly style … I ordered all the appetizers off the menu that I could sample. This resulted in plates of regular fries, giant slices of sweet potato fries, fried chunks of battered Eggplant and Kimchi.

As a travel and food blogger, I know that words have power. While my happy hour experiences at places like Fine Palate and Han Dynasty have been stellar, this wasn’t one of those times. The space is extremely nice and I was told there is a well known rock venue across the street, so this place is packed when there’s a concert … but the apps ranged from standard to brutal.

  • Regular fries : Standard … they’re hand cut. Lot of inconsistency in the fries. Some had salt and a lot didn’t.
  • Sweet potato fries : These were good. The aioli
  • Fried Eggplant : This was completely unsatisfactory … it tasted like battered oil. No seasoning or anything in the eggplant to make it redeemable
  • Kimchi : This was simply awful. It tasted like it came from a bottle or can or off someone’s feet.

The place does have a massive craft beer list. I was really impressed by the bottled beer list. They have so many offerings it’s really hard to decide. Luckily, the server was super patient and helpful in the beer selection process. That being said … here’s my samplings and what I thought

  • Oskars Blues Old Chubb : It’s a Scotch Ale. You would think that I would love this … but I thought it was shitty Innis and Gunn.
  • Brew Bus Last Stop : American Pale Ale. I barely took two sips. Didn’t love it at all
  • Arcadia Sky High Rye : Rye Beer. Didn’t love it at all
  • Destilh here Gose Nothing : Gose Style beer. I thought this was different and nice
  • Habanero Sculpin: India Pale Ale with Habanero peppers added. I thought this was completely undrinkable. It tasted like Grapefruit, Mango, Lemon Habanero vomit.

In the end, my conclusion was this was a cutesy place with the potential for good food and a decent beer list. In the end, this would be a place I would stop by, if I had nothing else to do.

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