We're in Reykjavik safely…..but…..

Now on to our adventure… so far…but I do love Couchsurfing!
Lev lost his luggage…. but we just found a place to stay with Andrea on CouchSurfing.. so we’re having Fried Cod for dinner…and Bragi Jonsson just joined us for Breakfast.

We’re at Prikid Cafe here in Downtown Reykjavik, Bragi Jonsson came to meet us! Man is it a great help to have someone give us the rundown!! 🙂

Here is Lev and Bragi… 🙂

We were grabbing breakfast here and there was something weird with this menu…. think about it.. what is the difference between the first two menu items.


Of course this picture is ironic… seeing that we are going to wait like hell for our luggage.. but the trip is on… it is now 10.30am here already!!!

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