What to do in PEI #10 : Not go to Old Home Week? Seriously!

Prince Edward Island in the summer has some amazing places, experiences and event to see and attend. From the summer we’ve spent so far, I’ve loved almost every part and event in PEI. Old Home Week though … at least the Exhibition part of it, ranks as my least favorite part.

This being said, if you’re

Then I would really recommend taking a stroll into Old Home Week. Seriously though … if I didn’t win back my admission and parking at the nearby Red Sands Casino, I would have been furious with myself for going, even as a tourist event.

This was actually my favorite thing from Old Home Week … Those red sand sculptures are pretty awesome

Getting into the fair was definitely a straightforward and easy process. There are homes around the site that all turn themselves into parking lots for $4 or $5 … if you’re willing to walk for 3 mins, then you could find parking for $2 at people’s homes. I do love how kitsch that part is … Islanders inventing another way to make a buck! When almost everyone seems to have a 1/2 acre of land with their houses here, why not put it to good use?

Note all the previously used punches … Note that I didn’t use someone else’s pass, I’m just taking a picture for this blog

If you’re really lucky, you might even find someone who will sell you the use of their weekly “Old Home Week” pass for a significant discount. The running joke in PEI is that everyone is named Gallant and if I did happen to use someone else’s pass, I would have been a Gallant according to that pass … I’ll say that I’ve not met a Brown skinned Gallant on my trip here so far.

According to the CBC … everyone is named Gallant, and I did find the other PEI EI PI clips more entertaining than Old Home Week.

After paying the full price to get in …(!!!) then it was just really a walking tour of the entire fair.

There were a lot of restrictions on those fences… but we might have used the pass entrance to get it.
This was the best picture inside the fair …
Hey PEI Old Home Week organizers, if you’re really looking to have more people come in, then you should have an all you can ride price or something. The idea of paying for blocks of coupons and then having each ride cost 3-5 coupons each, is a bit stupid.
For instance, you can buy 40 coupons for 40$ but then when each ride costs a couple coupons, then it really becomes a no-decision to skip them all
You will get some great pictures though
There was a reason that the back row of stalls were all empty … well I have my own theories of course
Definitely not the fullest place around
At least you end up trackside to watch the horses pass by … and then you could have headed to the Casino to play some blackjack on their two tables

From here on in, it was all about farming and farming related stuff …

After all the farming stuff, it was time to head on out and head to Victoria Row for some drinks on the patio. Now that’s something worth writing home about!

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