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Where to eat in Antigua Guatemala : Cactus Tacos review

In Antigua Guatemala, you can find a lot of patios but not a lot of sidewalk bars. You know why? There aren’t many sidewalks because the streets are cobblestoned and there isn’t much walkway.  However on our way to 7A Norte a couple nights ago, we passed by Cactus Tacos and I made a note about trying them, since I’m always looking for another go to taco place when Rony’s Tacos are closed.


For a nice little sidewalk bar, I thought it was super cute and it has a lot of charm when you walk in. If you like people watching or meeting people, this is definitely a great location and set up for that. I loved the kitschy atmosphere, and the fact that you can see the cooks make the food right in front of you, counts for something in my book. This being said, over the 90 minute that we were there, the only locals in the place were the staff. Four couples and one gentleman came in for dinner and they were all tourists. If  locals don’t come to your place to eat, how can you be expected to survive or more

The Food

The food itself was pretty decent, but the portion size for the price was a complete fail. We asked for two taco orders, one with cheese and one without and to split the dishes so that we could try them both. The instruction was executed, but my order didn’t come with the onions and coriander on top. If you’re going to charge what you charge for the small portion size, then you have to get the small details right.

Notice the difference in the plates.

The music

I actually really like the music in here. It was the right type of mix for the vibe they wanted to create. I heard some reggaeton, soca and pop. It was the right volume for conversation and didn’t detract from the place.

The service

When you’re travelling with a baby, you need extra space and extra patience from the wait staff. While there wasn’t that much extra space, the staff were gracious enough to heat up the water for the baby’s bottle and were very accommodating. The staff were chatty and definitely paid the right amount of attention to us.

The price

For two taco meals and 4 beers, we paid about 25$ CDN (192Q). This is almost ridiculous, since I could pay that in Toronto and at least get all you can eat chips and salsa. When you can go down the street to Rony’s Tacos for 35Q and get a fabulous Tacos Pastor plate with some great double tortillas, then why would I sit at Cactus Tacos and pay this price.

Take a look at the menu prices on this one. I don’t see reasonable prices here for portions.

The conclusion

If you’re on 7 Avenida, while the vibe is nice in Cactus Tacos, I would just head over to Rony’s Tacos and fill up there. Why bother coming to Antigua Guatemala to find “authentic” overpriced touristy Mexican food in what is clearly geared only for tourists? Cactus Tacos review Cactus Tacos review Cactus Tacos review

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