Why Brazil will win not World Cup 2014

In an ongoing battle about Brazilian ridiculousness, I’m willing to overlook many things

  • Supremely high crime rates in Rio
  • Pollution beyond belief in areas outside the major cities
  • Shocking poverty in many of the favelas, especially for a country purporting to be 1st world!

What I cannot overlook is the unsubstantiated and unwavering belief that Brazil will win the FIFA World Cup 2014. After 2 matches, I’ve seen a very unconvincing win over Croatia and draw that Brazil was lucky to have.

Make no mistake, in that first game … Croatia, by the middle of the second half, were boring the world to death, so I’m not going to shed a bunch of tears about that drawn penalty. But make no mistake: Fred dove to draw what would turn out to be the game-winning penalty, converted by Neymar in a performance that fell something short of electric but nestled snugly into the realm of “opportunistic.”If you didn’t see the dive, here’s a replay of it

Here’s other multiple angles of the dive

This epic diving performance was enough, in the World Cup opener, to give a Seleção the “W” … it was unquestionably the turning point of the game.

As for that second match with Mexico, the focus on Guillermo Ochoa is justified. That man, the myth, the legend … he was like Quetzlcoatl coming back to life … he saved as though he remembered that the Aztecs decapitated people after losing matches in Chichen Itza. The Mexican goalkeeper had a brilliant match — coming up with six saves (a tournament high) and at least four of them were stunning. It was like the man had 10 fingers …

… on each hand

Was this the Mexican goalie?

However stunning that performance, Mexico were superb in defence, they were quick on the counter and their tackles were hard but most importantly, they weren’t afraid of Brazil. They came into the match with a plan and stuck to it. And with some luck they could have won as well.

With Hulk missing out due to injury, Fred had to lead the line and he had an awful match. Fred — no, he didn’t dive this time round — completed 8 of 16 attempted passes (50 percent) and just one of the passes was in the penalty area. His almost invisible display meant that Brazil were rarely threatening enough in the final third of the field. Also while Neymar is expected to score goals, they need the strikers to step up and make their mark as well. If Brazil want to harbour any hopes of winning the World Cup, they need to show more attacking onus.

However, if Brazil have to go back home early … they won’t be crying … here’s a little bit of what’s waiting at home

Finally …. here’s why Brazil will win not World Cup 2014

Even their sand sculptures are sexy

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