Yawn … Alhambra … Yawn …

One of the supposed highlights of my trip was heading to Granada to see the Alhambra. Now, wait!

Before all the hate e-mail starts coming in, questioning my eyesight, my intelligence and my taste in Red Castles, I have to preface my comments by saying that the Alhambra is a well deserved tourist attraction. The experts and people who track this sort of thing, say that the Alhambra is the #1 tourist attraction in Spain. I just didn’t find it particularly overwhelming and amazing.

It is a huge castle/palace in Granada, that has magnificent views of the countryside (I thought that the views were better than the structures itself) and towns and is an excellent way to pass a day. Would it be one of the top 100 things to see on the Hillman Wonders list? Well, I personally wouldn’t make a trip just to see the Alhambra, it is a great castle/palace and nothing more. Maybe if I saw it in its glory and pomp back in the day – then I would have been sufficiently impressed.

Frankly, most Islamic structures are very spartan by nature. They’re never gaudy or have incredibly detailed paintings and sculptures. The beauty is almost always in the Minarets and the quotations from the Koran which are carved into the walls, in that lovely, flowing calligraphy.

I just happen to like scenery and vistas a lot more than ornate carvings.

It must have a been a fabulous lover’s point back in the day… one can only assume!

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