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You’re bored in San Francisco … 25 links to cool, cheap and random stuff going on in San Fran

I always have a tough time finding stuff to do in San Francisco … NOT! Here is a love list completely copied from the San Francisco CS group. I always get asked for lists of things to do in all the cities I’ve visited … so this is a start to those lists. Who said that you can’t find anything to do on a Monday night … well it’s tough if you live in a crappy city … true story!

  1. People In Plazas – free musical concerts in San Francisco public spaces.
  2. The List – great list of concerts, gigs, shows in the area.
  3. FuncheapSF.com – one of my favourites! Cool stuff on a budget.
  4. San Francisco City Guides – Free walking tours of San Francisco.
  5. Seward Street Slides – A hidden urban playground in the Castro.
  6. SF Bay Guardian – a cool and useful local newspaper.
  7. Free Museum Days – a list of free entry days in the Bay Area .
  8. Audium – Sound sculptures are performed in darkness in this theatre.
  9. 7×7 – an “insider’s” guide to some of the best of SF.
  10. Laughing Squid – art, culture and technology from San Francisco and beyond.
  11. Bay Area On The Cheap – free and affordable things to do in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  12. SFArts.org – a comprehensive guide to SF arts.
  13. First Thursday Art – on this day every month many galleries in SF hold a casual open house.
  14. SF Station – San Francisco’s City Guide.
  15. Upcoming – a list of local events.
  16. Broke-Ass Stuart’s Goddamn Website – oddball gems and cheap stuff.
  17. Plant Trees SF Listings – yes, another listing of local events.
  18. Lilycat’s listings – even yet still more events!
  19. Going SF – for people who love to go out to clubs and events.
  20. The Cheap Bastards Guide to San Francisco – pretty self-explanatory!
  21. Indybay – news and happenings in SF and the Bay Area.
  22. Really Really Free Market – it’s a market and it’s FREE!
  23. SF Critical Mass – go for a ride with hundreds of people through SF. Last Friday of the month.
  24. The Bike Hut – bike rentals, repairs and sales near the ballpark.
  25. San Francisco Stairways – some of the best stairs in SF.
  26. Free Entrance Days in the National Parks – if you want to explore parks in California or other states.

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