What to do in Antigua Guatemala : Have an epic night at Las Vibras Antigua review

Antigua Guatemala is one of the major tourism hubs in the country. After 26 posts about what to do in town, I’m still amazed at what you can find to do. I’ve been going for years and one thing I have noticed is that the bars definitely love a “Ladies Night”.  Every night of the week, you can find some type of “ladies night” going on with cheap or free drinks for ladies and some restrictions on guys.  I personally love the ladies night at La Sin Ventura … it’s sketchy but you can absolutely get plastered on cheap Tequila.  Tuesdays night happens to be ladies night so certain drinks for the ladies were only 5Q (less than a dollar!) from 9:00-11:00pm. This is also is true at MonoLoco, which is right next door (5OT for a mojito and 4QT for certain mixed drinks from 8:00pm-12:00am)Usually this means something like a 10Q (1.25) cover or the requirement of actually buying a drink if you’re a guy.  You would not believe the number of Guatemalan dudes that that keeps out.

Cheap drinking and Ladies night aside, finding a super trendy and classy nightclub vibe in Antigua is more difficult. Las Vibras de la Casbah … more popularly known as “Las Vibras” is definitely the place to be for the classy vibe. Nightclubs are typically a dime a dozen, but the establishment has put a lot of unique touches in the space. I particularly like the glow in the dark graffiti art.

Las Vibras in Antigua Guatemala is definitely the spot to hit on a Saturday night!

How’s the space?

We loved the terrace upstairs. It’s a great location during the day (when it’s open during the day) but the terrace stands out in the night. If you go just after dark, it’s a great space for an intimate evening or a great pre-party for a wedding. Here’s what it looks like during the day … I thought it was nice enough for my boy to be crawling around exploring on his own 🙂

As for the evening, this is really where the location by the Arco helps it to stand out. It’s a conveniently located space, with a great view.

How’s the food?

We’ve eaten twice at Las Vibras and the one thing that stood out to me were the WINGS! They are easily the best wings I’ve had in Guatemala. I know what you’re thinking … you’re raving about the wings?!!??

Here’s the thought … when you’re travelling through Central America, there is amazing food everywhere. That being said, if you’re from North America … you will eventually have a craving for something from home … if you’re looking for that in Antigua Guatemala, then you definitely have to make it a wing night at Las Vibras Antigua.

My picture is poor and lacks the requisite detail. However, the wings are massive, well spiced and has the perfect crispiness!! It’s a fantastic wing!

The music

It’s a nightclub. The music must be excellent!

The service

The staff was excellent. They took our order promptly, food was brought promptly and my extra orders for mor wings and extra orders of stuff was delivered quickly. My side requests for “sin queso, mantequilla, leche etc” wasn’t greeted with an eyeroll.

The price

This place is a good by Guatemalan standards and ridiculous deal by US or Canadian standards for what it is.. The final bill with propina was somewhere in the 129Q or $20CDN range.

The conclusion

If you’re in Antigua Guatemala and this is easily the best nightclub in town. There are lovely patios at night … but for a straight up nightclub, this is the place to see and be seen on a Saturday night.

Best nightclub in Antigua Guatemala


Best nightclub in Antigua Guatemala

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