At the Bitter End …


One of the things I love about the Virgin Islands is the actual names of the individual islands and places themselves. A listing of names, definitely make you wonder what was going on, when they named the islands. Some of the island/bay names are listed below:

  • Mosquito Island
  • Ginger Island
  • Beef Island
  • Sandy spit
  • Dog Island
  • Handsome  Bay
  • Dig a Low Beach

Hence when we had to go to Gun Creek to catch the ferry to the Bitter End,  how could I possibly be surprised at the names.

Now the Bitter End Yatch Club is really for those high end tourists who don’t mind spending a $1000 a night for their lovely accomodations. At these prices, it would be the “Damn Bitter End” of my bank account, but thankfully one doesn’t have to stay at the resort to enjoy the lovely facilities in this extremely high end resort.

If you have the disposable income to spare and you love sailing and boating, then this is the place for you.

  1. Boats are available for you to rent at the Marina. There are many beach bars within a couple of miles of the Marina.
  2. The rooms are incredible with respect to relaxation and scenery!
  3. The staff is very helpful and friendly. Although island time applies here.
  4. The hotel only has 87 rooms so your not fighting a huge crowd.
  5. There are many slips available if for you to bring your yacht or sailboat.

As for taking the ferry to have lunch and enjoy the beach, well then this is more of a value point to me.

Combine the lovely private beach with some excellent food and drink (Although I had to instruct the bartender on what I wanted and kept a firm eye on what she was doing), and it definitely is not the most terrible way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

My lunch of steamed broccoli, herb encrusted Tilapia, mustard chicken with tomato aoli, cole slaw, and anegada conch salad (Think of a Ceviche Tiradito with conch) definitely hit the spot. The buffet styled lunch wasn’t cheap though at 30$ a head, but then again when I think about spending 30$ in Toronto at some shithole place with no beach, fresh fruit slushies and Pusser’s Rum Punch … it was 30$ well spent.

As for the beach and facilities … you should go

How to get there:

  • From Tortola – take the ferry to Virgin Gorda
  • Rent a car and drive from the ferry terminal to Gun Creek (conversely one can use a taxi – $20)
  • Take the ferry from Gun Creek to the Yacht Club. Ferry schedule is here
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