Barcelona graffiti artists are awesome …

Walking around Barcelona, you cannot help but be amazed by the quality of the graffiti on all the walls and shop shutters all around the city. The colour and intricacy of the designs really add to the overall flavour of the city. You can find Graffiti on walls, trains, in art gallerys, and even legally painted on the shutters of shops. The last space is very common in Barcelona and out of it, collectives like “Persianes Lliures” and “Entrotlla’t” came into being. These projects represent a way for writers to run free their creativity in a legal way, which also brings the writers some income through their passion.

I don’t know how I wasn’t really aware of the vibrancy of the scenes in prior visits to Barcelona; I guess as my awareness as a photographer has grown, so has my awareness for non standard scenes and pictures. I find it awesome that shop keepers would let the artists use their shops as a canvas for all sorts of expression.

Reading up about the graffiti scene there I also assume that there is an unwritten law between artists about how you should respect a piece and leave it up for a certain amount of time, as I’ve realized that some previous works have been there for months.

Then there are awesome pieces that you see demonstrating political and social messages, like this one in a shop window …

Or graffiti like this where the artist obviously had some time to construct his vision, although I don’t know what’s more awesome, the graffiti or the “erased” graffiti tag with “My Dog Sighs”

Here is more owner sponsored art …

fuji sports in barcelona graffiti

Or walking to our new fave bar in Barcelona … Soda … but I would definitely add looking for awesome graffiti to your Barcelona list. It’s as good as the graffiti we saw in El Salvador – I’ll post a blog on that later on

original sports in barcelona

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