Carnival Sunday in Moka….$800 for a ticket, really?!!?

Man to tell you how inflation and demand has allowed promoters to assrape people into buying tickets for this fete! Over the year the price of Moka tickets has skyrocketed!!!

  • 2004 : $300
  • 2005 : $400
  • 2006 : $600
  • 2006 : $750
  • 2008 : $800

This fete is exactly the same thing over the last 5 years. The food is the same, the people are the same. Seriously the people are all the same, this fete has gone down in quality over the years. Previously, it was good times, good food and decent music. This fete is now the networking fete and family fete, where the rich businessmen send their kids and family to congregate and look around!

I personally didn’t really want to go when I heard the price of the tickets, but Sal has heard so much about this fete over the years, that it would have been a shame not to go with him!

So this year, the entertainment was actually better than it normally is, since it would be a crush of Chutney and Indian entertainment!

Roy Cape and his band played, of course the usual Machel rumor was within the fete, but Machel NEVER plays Moka. Kees and his band with the Robot guys were there, but once you have seen the Robot routine once, it gets a bit old. One would figure that a lot of the same people going to the same fetes that they would have developed more routines, but then again this is Trinidad! The first time I saw the routine, I was thrilled! The second time I saw it, it was good, the third time it was on, I actually yawned!!!

It does have some perverse wastage … and after more alcohol, you can’t help it.

We piss Jonnie Walker Blue....It's just not good enough for us!!!Note the ridiculously full glasses of Scotch.... poured straight from the bottles.

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