Monday Morning Consultant

Monday Morning Consultant … Jan 31st 2011

At the airport, I usually have an hour or so to kill … my usual reading will consist of the following forums Mileage run forums at Flyer Talk : This is a standard for anyone in consulting. Maximizing your travel windows and getting the most miles for a future trip. This is basic training for any travel ninja! Account balances …

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Monday Morning Consultant … Jan 24th 2011

In consulting, we talk about work-life balance. In fact, this is a fallacious notion that consultants would love to subscribe to. Really … we would! In recruiting sessions at Universities, e-mails from other prospective consultants and grad students, other management consulting websites … it is funny to see/hear/listen to comments like this I know that the Management Consulting profession is …

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Monday Morning Consultant … Jan 17th 2011

Today is the start of the new little feature called Monday Morning Consultant. When traveling for work, there are a couple things, that consultants regardless of company, practice, etc go through. The usual script follows something like the following Wake up on Monday morning between 3-6am. The world is dead asleep and you’re probably sleepwalking. Of course, the kids/wife/GF/Dog is …

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