El Salvador

How to spend an afternoon on Lake Coatepeque

In spending two or three days in El Salvador, I would highly recommend going to Lake Coatepeque for a day and night. For those Trinis who love a “River Lime” … then if you’re ever in El Salvador – this would be the perfect compromise. There are lake houses you can rent cheaply and bring your own stove and food. …

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El Salvador … I admit I was wrong … you can absolutely rock 24 hours here

It’s true people. I can admit when I was utterly and completely wrong!! It’s not often that I am taken by surprise by any place. In fact, I’m usually the one crapping on other place by calling them “overrated”, as there are a lot of these places masquerading as magical destinations of wonderment. However, today I completely underestimated El Salvador …

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Funny Wall Signs … Part 1

When you’re travelling on the road, there are the regular traffic signs and warnings. Typical sign include Don’t Pass Yield Children Crossing However when you’re faced with the following signs, I typically have to stop and actually figure out what the hell the sign means …if just for a second or two. Some signs are pretty self explanatory like this …

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