Czech Republic


Last night I was looking at the Toronto skyline and I couldn’t shake the Hong Kong Skyline out of my head… when I think about three skylines….the CN Tower dominates The NYC skyline from on top the Brooklyn Bridge Then there is the Hong Kong skyline and the light show that accompanies it And a typical Old City European skyline with …

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Prague 2007: Last Day additional note – 9th June, 2007

Well it has been a great time on this trip.. and i although i said would blog from the road.. it has been quite the busy time in the last couple countries. Im finally done here with this eurotrip and as usual it has been a blast. I have about 6 hours on the train from here to Frankfurt. Of …

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Getting into Prague..

Taking the train from Vienna to Prague was quite uneventful, of course travelling second class in the trains wasn’t the greatest thing in the world but we were comfortable. Now once you got into the Nadrazi Holesovice train station in Prague, we got hit with a bit of culture shock, since the station was run down with little tourist facilities. It …

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