Drinking at Her Majesty The Rabbit Budapest : Another great speakeasy

If you’re a fan of my travel blog, over the years I’ve really developed an affinity for a great speakeasy. her majesty the rabbit

For instance, one of my all time favorities, is Floreria Atlantico in Buenos Aires. It’s a fabulous bar with excellent mixologists.

Another phenomenal speakeasy bar is Hop Sing Laundromat in Philadelphia, USA. The wall of alcohol in this bar is truly unrivalled by anything I’ve seen so far.

Finally, my favorite speakeasy in New York City, is Apotheke in Chinatown which is also pretty fantastic. The pharmacy-inspired space includes imported Carrara marble, while the hand-carved back bar is filled with hundreds of antique medicine bottles collected from around the globe.

This being said, finding a speakeasy bar when you don’t live or work in a city can be pretty tough, especially because drinking in a speakeasy is really about the drinks. There’s usually very little clubbing or pounding music … it’s usually pretty relaxed with the focus being on the actual alcohol. Our little find while in Budapest was the Her Majesty The Rabbit. You’ll need an invite to get into the bar … I would try having a drink at Doplo Wine Bar and asking the bartender for an invite and information. Here’s a couple rules from their website … you’ll note that I won’t actually divulge their location either … it’s part of the fun to find and get into the bar.

Her Majesty the Rabbit

Her Majesty the Rabbit is a local piano bar, based on a membership system, hidden somewhere in Budapest, in the heart of the 7th district…

Becoming a Member

To gain unlimited access to Her Majesty the Rabbit you must first become a member. All members must sign the contract of membership and are committed to respecting the charter and adhering to the House Rules. All new membership applications will be reviewed by the management team and we reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone we deem unsuitable for our venue. Membership can be applied for in each of the following ways;

  • Introduce yourself the old fashioned way and visit us in person at the venue, if you can find us.
  • On our website at www.rabbit.bar
  • Written recommendation to the management from two existing members with their signature


The theme of bar is clearly Rabbits!


So somewhere in the seventh district of Budapest, you’ll find a door. At first sight, there is nothing obvious about the door as it appears like any iron basement door in Budapest but it does come complete with a cellar inscription – Her Majesty The Rabbit Budapest. If we move a little, the silhouette of a pretty masked lady appears at the bottom of the stairs with a candlelight background.


Once you get through the door, you’ll probably hear the piano. There’s something very relaxing about having an expert martini while someone is playing the Piano for you. Although Her Majesty the Rabbit is not defined as a speakeasy, but instead member’s club-based late night piano bar with good company and outstanding service … for intents and purposes, it’s a speakeasy.


Overall, I loved the attention to detail, the service and the feel that I was finding something that wasn’t well known.


As for the drinks, they’re not cheap by Budapest’s standards, but they are definitely worth your time.


In the end … if you can find the place, then it’s worth your time finding it and following the white rabbit down the hole for a drink! Cheers!

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