Exeter : 6.30 – June 22nd … 4 days till my birthday…*sigh*

So long day so far…. But everything going ok.. decided to spec a box and what not and oh Nick decided to tell me that they are going to have a child. I don’t know how to take this news, since this has kinda thrown me for a loop. I guess I am getting a bit old now and what now, with my birthday coming up in 4 days. So one more week in Europe and then I am back home for some time by myself. My boss supports my decision to head home and all, and get some R&R time. The people at the UK office are absolutely nice and have shown me a pretty good time. I see a lot of scope on the support perspective and ideally since we are turning the corner in the company, it is a pretty nice time to be in the company. I should hopefully be heading a team of consultants in the near future. The idea of being a cornerstone of the new vision of the company is pretty exciting, and in the end the idea of options and having some good money come about for me.. fits nicely into my plans for the future. Ideally, I definitely see myself finishing up the traveling in about 2 years or so, then heading back to school is pretty nice as an idea. I would need to have a nice little cushy pad of money and all, then do some more traveling and maybe some consulting work for clients. On the HRMS side, I see HR analytics as a real strength within the organization and the ability to leverage the tools within the HR enterprise will lead to much more opportunities in the next 5 years.

What I need to find is a company that will allow me to take more training and do more in terms of the vision of setting up the enterprise scenarios and moving those companies to the next level. There is an astonishing myopia at the HR executive level and I think there is a lot of scope from the business process consulting perspective to get companies there.

Anyway time to crystallize that thought. I wish I had Kyle’s number in London, could really do with a nice drink or so right now. In addition, I have to figure some plans out for touring London tomorrow, and maybe meet up with Nerissa on the weekend. I am sure I could get a flight from here to Paris in the morning, but I figure I will just do a side trip specifically to London or so. I should start researching a couple things tonight on the CHRP and the MSc in Decision Sciences or even find a school that will allow a joint masters program for me. I think this would be the ideal situation for someone in the multi-disciplinary fields that I am in. Again need to put some thought into what I need to be doing.

Also need to put some thought about the financing for this.

But anyway on the way to Exeter, I had to pass through Stonehenge, so this was an awesome drive to kill two birds with one stone

The traffic station at Stonehenge

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