Finally, my last required mileage run for Star Alliance …

Whew! I’m in San Francisco and on my back to Toronto. In the last two months, I’ve would have run myself through 35,319 miles in pursuit of Star Alliance Gold Status. I’ve done about more than that in miles for the year, but the rest count as American Airlines / OneWorld miles.

Flight Distances


Flight Time



In Miles 45,972
In Kilometer 73,984
Earth Circumnavigation 1.85 x
Distance to the Moon  0.192 x
Distance to the Sun 0.0005 x
Hours 99:13
Days 4.1
Weeks 0.6
Months  0.14
Years 0.011
All 38
Domestic 19
Intra-Continental  15
Intercontinental 3
Other flights 1


Some interesting statistics about my last two months of mileage runs and accumulated flights

Longest Flight (distance): 3,946 mi, 7:33 h, Frankfurt (Rhein-Main) – Toronto (Lester B Pearson Intl.), 03-19-2010
Longest Flight (duration): 7:33 h, 3,946 mi, Frankfurt (Rhein-Main) – Toronto (Lester B Pearson Intl.), 03-19-2010
Shortest Flight (distance): 256 mi, 1:08 h, Phoenix (Sky Harbor Airport) – Las Vegas (McCarran International), 05-13-2010
Fastest Flight:
523 mi/h, 3,946 mi, 7:33 h, Frankfurt (Rhein-Main) – Toronto (Lester B Pearson Intl.), 03-19-2010  
Average Flight: 1,210 mi, 2:37 h


It’s good to track the number of hours I’ve spent in the air, since I’ve underestimated the time spent in the air in the US and Internationally. Most of my flight time has been spent in the continental US.  Time in Spain, Morocco and Portugal doesn’t count, since I didn’t fly across those countries but enjoyed the beauty of the rail systems.

I’m almost there!!!

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