Getting into Full Moon Resort – Maldives (6 thoughts about the Maldives)

I’m about three countries and 10 blog posts behind but after an entirely super relaxing day here in the Maldives – here are the quick hit thoughts.

  1. The water is truly some of the most spectacular I have ever seen in my life – this is after seeing some great water in the Caribbean, Central America and Asia (Nothing yet convinces me of anything decent in Europe, North America/South America)
  2. I cannot live in a truly Muslim country – there is no alcohol, and they confiscated my vodka from my bag – seriously! More on that after I leave the country.
  3. Male is small. 110,000 people on the island and you can go see everything of note in 90 mins or less.
  4. The Maldives is EXPENSIVE for tourists! I thought that Iceland was the most expensive place in the world, I had been to. Well the new place is the Maldives. If you don’t have money or can’t drop at least 7-10 G’s to come here without a hotel promotion/flight on airmiles, then look somewhere more reasonably priced.
    1. Save for a year to afford the flight
    2. Save for a year to afford the hotels here
    3. Then once you’ve saved for two years to get here and sleep here; save for another two years to afford to eat and drink here.
  5. 95% of tourism in the Maldives is upmarket tourism … it clearly shows around these parts.
  6. If keeping a place in the upmarket category will keep it from turning into another Bali … then I’m all for that.

As for getting into the resort … the usual story. We were picked up at the airport and came by speedboat into the resort’s private island. After the check-in, it was off to our waterside villa … on stilts, on the water. Pictures don’t do justice to the room.

Some more still pictures of the room

The water and the resort are top notch. The Full Moon resort is one of the upscale resorts in the Maldives, in the likes of the Shangri La, Four Seasons and W Resort, where a standard room starts from $750 USD a night with breakfast.

As for the water …

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