How do Trinidadians dress? What to wear in trinidad?

Someone asked me these questions and I thought that they were ridiculous questions, when in fact, it really wasn’t. How could someone figure out what to wear in Trinidad. Obviously … you don’t wear what the ladies are wearing above unless it’s Carnival … i.e. only two days of the year in Trinidad!

Trinidadians aren’t the most “fashionable” of  dressers in the North American/European sense. This is not a function of Trinidadians having no style, to the contrary: Trinidadian are a very stylish people and always want to be in style. This style however is dictated by a certain practicality. In the temperate climates, stylish coats, layers and multiple dark colours are staples, in a warm climate though it is not to most useful of choices.

For social occasions:

Men : If going to a bar or just hanging out, then jeans and a soccer jersey will be just fine. Through some crazy obsession with soccer, how fashionable a guy is, is determined by his choice of soccer jersey. The better known the football team, the better the jersey.For formal functions, you can’t go wrong with a suit. Dark suit preferably to weddings, christenings etc. It is possible to overdress for functions though. When in doubt about what to wear, ask your host or someone who is going to the function…. preferably beforehand.

Work wear: Shirt and tie is usually the uniform for the white collar jobs.

For danceclubs, a nice pair of jeans, and dress shoes with a nice dress shirt will do. But there are rules, if you are white/tourist, then going somewhere in jeans and sneakers will be fine, locals though will not get past the bouncers for the clubs like 51 degrees, Zen, Sting etc. My question would be, why bother going to a club in Trinidad, if you are not a local. Partake in the local culture rather than the imported “culture” i.e go to Chutney Shows, Calypso tents etc.

Women: Shorts are ubiquitous. For most places and danceclubs: heels and nice pair of fitted shorts will get you in ANY bar/ club in Trinidad.Work wear : Same as in North America.

Formal: Depends on the event : Indian themed events : prayers/puja/wedding calls for a Sari. Christian themed events will do with standard North American female wear.

Since the weather on Trinidad and Tobago is generally pleasant, with average temp of about 26C-28C, temperatures can fluctuate, with cool evenings and hot and humid days driving temperatures up or down from the average. In order to stay cool during warm days, pack clothes made from light fabrics that allow ventilation. Clothing made of linen and cotton are the best choices. Travelers may want to avoid packing snug, tight-fitting clothing because of the heat. Clothing should be relaxed and casual, but neat. A sweater or light jacket comes in handy during winter evenings, or when visiting the region’s higher altitudes.

Trinidad and Tobago’s rainy season lasts from June to December, and if you visit the islands during these months, definitely pack protective rain gear in case you are caught in a typical afternoon shower.

Be sure to pack plenty of beach and active wear clothing, including swimsuits, athletic shorts and shoes, sandals, hats, sunglasses, tank tops, and shorts. Travelers who know they will be enjoying a recreational activity such as mountain biking will want to pack the necessary equipment for their excursion. Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen provide protection from the powerful sun. Beachwear, activewear, shorts, and other revealing pieces of clothing should not be worn in cities, shops, restaurants, or in hotel lobbies. When out, men should wear pants and a collared or button down shirt. Women can wear informal dresses.

While most vacationers will not need to bring formal wear, travelers should be sure to consider their itinerary when packing. Pack accordingly if a business meeting or upscale dinner requires a tie, jacket, or even a suit.

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