I’ll never understand Art.

Oh how I wish I could wax philosophically about the meaning of the lines in a Kandinsky or how the jagged lines in a Picasso painting represented his madness or passion. Art is just one of those things, that I just don’t get. I love photographing sepia old buildings , beautiful vistas supersaturated with blues and greens, cracking black and white gothic churches; the permanence of the shot and how I composed it. What I don’t get, is how complete nutbars get wealthy patrons to support them, while the produce “Art” that I could make in my sleep. Putting florescent string in dark room could be construed as “Art”, I thought it looked cool.

However, after reading the description of the piece, I’m surprised that my brain didn’t blow up with all the kinetic energy in the air. All I remember about Kinetic energy, was the definition from Form 3 physics – Kinetic energy is motion — of waves, molecules, objects, substances, and objects.

I am no artist, nor can I ever be one. I have no business criticizing “Art”, but shouldn’t art be accessible. Do I have go to school to appreciate it? Every Tuesday, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, has a free admission. It is definitely something to do while you’re here in Chicago – the free night. If I had paid to go in, I would have been a little annoyed, since I obviously do not understand “Art”.

I love structure and design, so entering the Museum was a bit of a treat as the circular staircase was definitely artistic.

I do love colour and the interplay of colour, but just randomly laying textures out, is that “Art”?

I even love colourful old people on canvas. I think this is artistic – I don’t know why, but I know that I could never paint this in 16 other lifetimes.

However, putting a bunch of junk in a room, suspending it, laying it flat on the floor, posting it on a wall, does not change the fact that one just put piles of crap in a room and called it “art”

I asked one of the curators to explain what the idea of the previous piece was, and she in her artistic knowledge, could not readily convey what this artist was trying to do. If an expert can’t convey to the meaning of a piece to me, then what chance do I have of understanding it? How about ass prints on chairs? Taking pictures of ass prints from chairs?

This I get though. A zebra on snow! Two things that run opposite to each other.

Art can be subjectively easy. For instance, could I use the two pictures I took at different lighting and ISO levels and call this art?

Hopefully, in time, I’ll start understanding “Art”. 

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