It’s my first cruise … I can’t really say I’m that excited …

So we’re leaving for Puerto Rico and then we’re off on my first ever cruise. I can’t say that I’m stoked or super excited for a couple reasons that have nothing to do with the cruise

  • I’ve always associated cruising with old people
  • I’ve always associated cruising with old people who want to do nothing else but eat their faces into oblivion
  • I’ve always associated cruising with people who have no interest in travelling
  • In my brain, cruising is like an all inclusive, just on a boat. I still hate “all inclusives” … but I think it’s because I’m not that old as yet. I can see why the old people and families love it though … those with kids, just want to relax and not think about their kids for 5 nanoseconds.
  • I have no interest in eating with or making friends with people that I wouldn’t deal with in real life. This is why we booked a room class with a completely separate restaurant.

These thoughts aside, I am determined to ensure that I make an adventure of this cruise. Looking through our ports of call, the only place I have not been before is Dominica (Increases country count +1 … woot)

Southern Caribbean Cruise
Looking through the itinerary, I see that we really have 8 hours in each port of call. Even though they say it’s 8am – 5pm, I know that the disembarkation process will take these people a while and then they will have all their lineups at the bottom of the boat. To avoid these disasters of humanity, efficiency and non travellers … I intend that we get off the boat ASAP … walk away from the cruise port and then find a non “accredited” driver who will take us to the places we want to go. Our itinerary looks like this right now

Of course, my Trinidadian accent in full blast will alleviate any difficulties that walking with a white girl causes i.e. Locals see a Money Tree sprouting from your head. Of course, small islands like Dominica are still old school and I anticipate no cultural difficulties unlike a place such as Trinidad or Jamaica (no pushy, aggressive people in your face, once they know you’re a tourist)

Now I have to figure out how to rock the shore excursions using private people. I’d much rather figure out things with the locals and ensure that they get the money directly rather than through 3 different middle men, who will ensure that they get less money in the end.

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