It’s Semana Santa Antigua Guatemala 2015 … aka Purple KKK robes and Crucifixions.

In Trinidad, we have Carnival as our big thing, but in Latin America, Easter week is the celebration of the year. Here in La Antigua Guatemala, these guy bring the festivities to a whole new level. The streets swell with spectators witnessing the labor of love poured into the creation of the alfombras(carpets), made of multi colored sawdust and vivid flower petals, these breath-taking displays make for some for some phenomenal shots. When I was here 2 years ago, I wrote a nice little summary blog : . All throughout March & Semana Santa, La Antigua Guatemala sees its streets packed with daily street processions, remembering Christ’s Crucifixion. During Semana Santa (Holy Week) Guatemalans honor the crucifixion and subsequent resurrection of Jesus Christ with parades of floats, elaborate carpet-making, and candlelight vigils.

This morning, I’ll be wandering the route along the path, and I can tell you … these guys take their Christ pretty seriously.


If you’re a light sleeper, you can’t really sleep through all the drums, noise and loud Quetzals that are chirping. I just took the video outside the house here in Antigua and you can hear the bass. There’s no sleeping through that.

The procession the people in purple KKK type hoods and robes can be slightly unsettling, but different context. One just has to follow all the pungent incense to find the parade and get your photography fix of stunning carpets made of natural materials lining the route. Between the float-carriers (as many as 2,500 for one float over an 8-hour period) and marching bands, however, the beautiful carpets get ruined so take your photos early. Groups of women carry floats of the Virgin Mary. This is a celebration fit for families who are tired of the Easter bunny. It’s Semana Santa Antigua Guatemala 2015 … and it’s not Gangnam Style!

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