Monday Morning Consultant – Singapore Edition and Starwood Kudos!!!

It’s Sunday night and usually I’m dreading the commute to work., the commute to the client and the commute to some random god awful city in the US. Not in that order, but work is work and nothing can really take away that fact.

Tomorrow morning, I’m off to Jakarta and that sense of dread isn’t there, simply because I’m going somewhere new and exciting – yes I said Jakarta is exciting – since I’ve never been there before. The sense of hopping on a plane and going somewhere new, never seems to get old for me and I’m off to another Sheraton.

Since I’m talking about Starwood

  1. Plaudit #1
    I’ve stayed at the Sheraton Towers on Scotts Rd and it’s a pretty nice hotel by Asian standards … it’s not the Peninsula or the Shangri-La, but my cash and points stay with the Platinum upgrade ensures that I have a great suite at 40$ CDN a night.

They upgraded us to one of their 23 premium suites at my Platinum amenity and the room makes the Starwood difference. I’ve said time and time again, one of the  rewards with all the non stop travelling for work, is the Frequent Flier perks and Hotel Status.

The two room suite was themed after “Venice”, with the appropriately styled furniture and paintings.

The four poster bed ensuite was a nice touch.

I’ve given the room – the “camera flash” treatment to ensure that this doesn’t come off as an advertisement, but rather as just a informative post about how your status at any hotel chain can automatically upgrade your experience for FREE – since a fave question from readers is always “How do you always get suites and upgrades when I can never get one?”

Since I will be staying a Sheraton/Starwood hotel for the entire month, I figured I would rate every one of their hotels and whether it’s worth being a member of SPG.

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