Moving from Toronto to PEI : Noodle House Charlottetown review for good Chinese food

If you’re familiar with my first note about the lack of diversity in PEI but more importantly, the lack of proper Chinese food on the island, you’ll be happy with this update.

Good Chinese food has been found on PEI at the Noodle House in Charlottetown!!!

The Noodle House in Charlottetown is where you should head for your Chinese food fix. For some inexplicable reason, it took us 5 months to have our first meal there … primarily because they seemed to have random opening hours in the winter. On their website, they mention to come by if you “have a hankering for authentic, traditional and really great-tasting Chinese cuisine“. I can definitely vouch for a couple things

  • The food is as authentic as you’ll get on PEI
  • If you ask for a spicy hot pot, it will be SPICY
  • They have one of the best Salt & Pepper fried Squid dishes I’ve ever had in Canada (Garden Restaurant in Toronto for years had the best I had … until it closed down after a shooting)

Here’s a list of dishes that we’ve tried and thoughts as part of my Noodle House Charlottetown review

  • Yang Chow fried rice – D* loves their fried rice, I thought it was good but not spectacular because of portion size. The BBQ pork in the rice is definitely a hit. Recommended.
  • Cantonese Chow Mein – This was the typical overdone and corn starchy veggies and assorted meat over crispy noodles. Wasn’t a good execution. Not Recommended
  • Combination plate #5 – Typical Canadian Chinese plate (Chicken Fried Rice, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Honey Garlic Ribs and a Spring Roll) … I wouldn’t have a plate but I can understand why this needs to be served. The average Islander expects this sort of stuff on a plate of Chinese food.
  • Spicy Beef with Enoki mushroom Hot Pot – Excellent execution, huge portion, super spicy and great taste. Highly Recommended
  • Spicy Salt Deep Fried Squid – This should be the first thing you order here. Excellent execution, can be super spicy and great taste. Highly Recommended
  • Ma-Po Tofu (without meat) – I always modify my request for extra ginger & garlic & chilies. That’s the way I like my Ma-Po Tofu. Decent execution, super spicy and great taste. Recommended
Note : If you’re looking for fancy surroundings, this is NOT the place. However, don’t let the humble surroundings put you off … the food is excellent!
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