#RDMission100-7 : Celebrity Solstice Cruise Day 2 : Bay of Islands, NZ

It’s the following

  • 8 days into our trip
  • 4.5 years I’ve aged in the last week
  • 7 hours since I’ve scolded Mitchell for not listening to an explicit instruction, hitting his sister or giving his opinion
  • 18 timeouts this morning for Mitchell
  • 1st morning on the boat here in the Bay of Islands

Couple observations on our vacation experience so far

  • Travelling with kids is no joke. All those “mommy bloggers” or “parent travel bloggers” who tell you that travelling with kids is easy are all fucking liars.
  • My kids are easy travellers. The Baba has been an exceptional traveller for his first 4 years. This year with the introduction of his sister along with being a highly opinionated 5 year old has made him quite difficult.
  • It is not about physical or packing preparation. We’ve packed more luggage than I’ve ever seen before …

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