#RDMission100-7 : Day 3 – Los Angeles : Disneyland Lesson #1 – Rent a car!

When going to Disneyland or Disneyworld, there is SO much information that it proves to be worthless. It’s impossible to consume all the tips, tricks and secrets. There are people who’s sole job is to record all this stuff in blogs and articles … for a THEME PARK!

We woke up at 6am, with the express goal of getting an Uber and arriving at Disneyland at 8am sharp. This was an utter f’n joke of a goal and we’ve completely failed at even leaving Great Wolf Lodge Anaheim … without getting a rental car to install a car seat for our 1 year old … it is IMPOSSIBLE to get to Disneyland without an act of God!

Here the summary sequence of today for your LOL

  • 6am : Wake up … mad rush to prep the kids and make the most of Disneyland.
  • 7am : Try to reserve a car on Turo. Turo is like the AirBnB of cars, except that we realize that we have consulting companies car rental rates and codes. Things stop when the Baba decides to punch Daddy in the balls. (This is happens over and over and shall now be referred to as DITB)
  • 7:30am : We’re all ready and we get the Uber. Then the Uber comes for 8am …
Note the ambition of the departure time
  • 8:15am : I proceed to lose my mind after the Baba does another DITB. Diane has to shield him away and I laugh in my head at my mother doing the same thing when I would annoy the F out of my dad. I keep asking Baba … “WHY!?!?!!?!” … when I remember I would do it just for the reaction, regardless of the consequences. I owe my Dad many drinks for not destroying me. Too many!! I also pacify myself with the fact that the Baba will have his own kids and suffer this exact same fate.
  • 8:30am : Walk to McDonalds to calm down and reset … because we’re clearly losing productive time with Baba. It’s so important that we maximize the time here so he can get so many experiences in – so he can love this trip and love me more. Keep track of this mindset.
  • 9:00am : People in McDonalds are having tons of fun with the Babette – since she is the world’s happiest baby. I’m still mad with Mitchell after yelling with me.
  • 9:15am : Car reservation with Avis made. Parents decide to part ways, where I pick up the car and she goes to TARGET. Note : Target for my wife is at least a quantum disappearance of a 2 hour black hole.
  • Noon : Reality hits where I know this day is a wash. We’re going to make it a Great Wolf Day. I know this … the wife doesn’t as yet. Until I get this … while Mitchell and I are exploring.

  • 2pm till 7pm : It’s all Great Wolf … and he LOVES the waterpark

After a pretty awesome day at the water with the Baba … nothing encapsulates it like these videos down the slide

After all of this and tons of money spent today on Day 1 … here’s the main things I’ve taken away

  • This is personal and family trip … all will meld together in the only way that it can.
  • My kids will love ANYTHING. It’s not about maximizing anything … they’ll whatever we put in front of them
  • All my frustration is from bucket list projection I’m pushing on them.
  • If we don’t do everything in Disneyland … so what! Fuck it. We’ll come back or maybe not … but they will have fun regardless.
  • Unbridled kid joy is pretty spectacular … even after the 8th time climbing a water tower to slide down it. My old man legs hurt BTW.
  • Day 2 and the rest of the trip will be a less frustrating day – as I’ve come to this Zen realization. (For all the parents who read this … yeah … you knew all of this and you’re so perfect, you get the Gold Medal …)

If you’re interested in all the raw clips from today … here’s the Smugmug link : https://www.rishisankar.com/Travel/USA/Disneyland—Day-1–2019–25th-November-2019/n-dfP9rX/

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