Roti Ranking Scale Version 1.0

I am by no means, a mathematical whiz or statistician but I figured in starting to review Roti and Doubles, one should have an objective way of measuring apples to apples. No two rotis are ever the same, even from the same vendor, since the “Roti Taste Ranking” (RTR) or Roti Ranking depends on a number of factors. For instance, the temperature at which the Roti is served, makes a difference on the actual taste experience. If you don’t believe me, go out and get a cold roti skin with luke warm curry, I guarantee it probably won’t be the greatest thing you’ve ever eaten.

In creating this roti scale, it is important to consider the three components of a good roti:

  • Roti “Skin” (Plain Dhalpuri without curry)
  • Curry (This can have meat or not)
  • Condiments (Pepper Sauce, Kutchela, Anchar)

Everything else is optional. The RTR of roti is NOT contigent on external factors like seating, presence of debit/credit card machines, toilets … even decent Customer Service [See cultural factors/examples on West Indian / Trinidadian Customer Service]. Classifying the actual dining experience is a completely different issue. In my ranking scale, I have to necessarily separate the dining experience from the RTR to be objective.

  1. Factors to consider when evaluating a roti skin
  • Appearance
  • Texture
  • Strength
  • Size (Diameter)
  • Shape
  • Thickness
  • Temperature on serving
  • Taste of Dhal (Split peas)
  • Made onsite

My first pass at evaluating a roti resulting in the following excel spreadsheet …


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