Semana Santa Antigua Guatemala 2015 … Easter Sunday ambitions realigned

The ambition of those without children or knowledge of children. Before Mitchell, I had such high hopes and ambitions of him being a super travelling baby and allowing us to catch up with travelling and not missing a beat. As we’re now into day 3 of our month-ish time in Antigua Guatemala, I’ve realized that while he is a super awesome baby, our trip and happiness in the next “month-ish” will completely revolve around his naptime and the management of naptime and feeding.

If we choose to fight this, we will be in for a world of hurt. My new mission on the trip will be to get through a daily breakfast and lunch review and maybe climb Pacaya Volcano in about two weeks. If I realign my ambitions as a Trini Daddy Blogger,  I will not be disappointed with myself and consequently will feel as productive.

Did I mention I just had a 3 hour nap with Mitchell??

So now that my naptime also matched Mitchell’s … I’ve realized that I can choose to catch up on sleep or catch up on blogging, but I don’t think I can catch up on both. In this brave new world, I think I will choose sleep every single time … D* certainly tries to!

Breakfast at Care Rainbow because coffee at Refugio Coffee Bar was not available

This morning’s breakfast was at Cafe Rainbow. Lovely little place, definitely caters to the artsy part of town. The tipico breakfast was only 25Q here. Comes with a coffee and fresh orange juice. I love the open space inside. A lot of restaurants in Antigua Guatemala have these lovely gardens in the back.

As for the “Tipico” breakfast, here it is in all it’s glory. I was definitely satisfied with the portion size, the value and the taste. One could claim that this isn’t world beating breakfast in it’s most complex form, but like any other place worth trying or reviewing, they have to get me back in here a second time. Cafe Rainbow will definitely see me in there to try another breakfast.

This is a lot of food and coffee with fresh squeezed orange juice.

Then it was on to Doña Luisa Xicontecatl for coffee and her famous Banana Bread

As mentioned, I’ve never been a fan of the bread, but I’ve found out that I do like the end parts of the loaf. I guess it’s a little twisted but it gives D* more of the better inside part of the loaf. As for breakfast, after having a meal at Cafe Rainbow, I couldn’t have another one, but the breakfasts looked good. It was also quite packed with locals and tourists alike. However,I wouldn’t go back to Dona Luisa’s for breakfast until they fix their lack of Wi-Fi situation. I think it’s a bit of crime in a tourist destination to have a restaurant or eating establishment without Wi-Fi.

The ordering reminded me of ordering Pho in Toronto
I guess when you have boatloads of tourists coming for breakfast, you have to warn them about the danger of Antigua.

Here’s an additional snippet

The bakery Doña Luisa Xicontecatl is a landmark of Antigua Guatemala. Anyone in the capital who comes to spend the weekend passes by Dona Luisa to buy banana bread and other breads for the week. There is a patio where breakfast is served, or style breakfast with eggs cooked with beans and fried plantains, or more continental breakfast with pastries and breads. At noon they make sandwiches with breads, salads,and fruit smoothies to accompany them. The place is in a typical colonial house in Antigua, a lovely Spanish style courtyard. There are frescoes showing the women of Guatemala in their daily lives. The other piece is the Men of Guatemala, which represents the country’s cultural traditions. From the room above, one can take advantage of lovely views over the rooftops of the Old and the volcano of Agua and Fuego. They also serve stuffed potatoes, burgers, but families generally arrive on Sunday afternoon to eat desserts. The most famous bread banana bread, delicious.

In the end

  • Cafe Rainbow : Will revisit
  • Doña Luisa Xicontecatl : Will not revisit until they fix the Wi-Fi

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