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Semana Santa Antigua Guatemala 2015 … Good Friday is done

It’s 8pm and the drums are still going. If you’re looking to sleep during Semana Santa in Antigua Guatemala … you’re looking in the wrong place. At least, our accommodations aren’t in the middle of the preparations or celebrations, but the cymbals and drums are !@$$! annoying, especially since they aren’t very good. This is really the first time, I’ve …

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Wednesday Photo Nights #12 : Semana Santa in Antigua, Guatemala

One of the best travelling presents you can ever get on the road, is stumbling into a festival or event, that you had no idea of. For the the past 7 days in Antigua, the primary objective of my life (and the woman’s) was going through tons of tastings, venues and details with a wedding planner. Fortunately, in booking this …

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