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Three basic food groups in Montreal : Schwarma, Croissants and Smoked Meat

In Montreal, there are only three basic food groups: Schwarma, Croissants and Smoked Meat. Each of these food groups creates significant foodie discussions and most people are quite passionate about their chase for the best of each. Any full day in Montreal will include a combination of all three along with liquor and accoutrements. Schwarma – The Lebanese’ community has …

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Who makes the best Shish Taouk in Montreal?

Best Shish Taouk in Montreal? There are very few things that will drive people in Montreal to violence …for instance, saying one of the following  in Montreal will almost surely lead to a “Big Momma Beat Down” Saying that the Toronto Maple Leafs are better than Les Canadiens Saying that Toronto or Parisian Bagels are better than the Montreal version. …

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