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6am sushi at Tsukiji Market … yeah put it on your bucket list.

I was just browsing through travel related articles and I stumbled on this gem on “Medium.com“.  I can’t think of a single piece of writing about Sushi that was more educational and entertaining as this “Ten Commandments of Sushi” article. In Toronto, we have the “AYCE” (All you can eat) sushi concept. A couple thoughts about this … It’s a …

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Wining at a Trini wedding … and more videos

Over the years, I’ve take a lot of videos. I would say that my videos are pretty horrible, since I have no sense of cinematography whatsoever. It’s almost as though I’ve been shooting my video in the same manner in which I shoot my photos … but they’re obviously two very different things. I’ve never really expected anyone to see …

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Interview with Shane @ National RV Parks

Just did an interview with another travel blogger – Shane @ National RV Parks. Here are some of the questions I answered for him … he will be posting the interview on his travel blog. The link is at http://nationalrvparks.com/interview-with-rishi-sankar/ Rishi, please give my readers a background about yourself. What made you want to start rishiray.com? Growing up in Trinidad, …

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