At the End of the World train in Ushuaia … #missioncurrypenguin

Ushuaia claims to be the most Southern city in the world and has also branded itself the “end of the world”. It also has the World’s cheesiest attraction in “The End of the World Train”.

As the southernmost railway in the world, The Prisoner’s Train recreates its historic journey and is definitely touted as something you would should do, but I thought it was bland and expensive. Even though the history of the traain and the prisoners was interesting, I thought that the views from the the train ride would be spectacular, especially given the ridiculous price points. The scenery was just pretty “meh”, and I felt that I could have used my time to actually get some more sleep, do some hiking or just have a good meal, if you’re not so inclined then I don’t think this is a “must do” for the Ushuaia area.

When you buy the ticket, you also have to buy the entrance to Tierra del Fuego National Park and the train ticket (same price for one way or round trip).

How much? What? Seriously?
This isn’t cheap at all … it’s more than 30USD with a good exchange rate

If you like sitting in trains or are a hardcore “train enthusiast”, listening to ridiculously cheesy music and an auto-guide tell you what you’re seeing, this train may be for you. The train really only makes sense in combination with a Tierra del Fuego park trip, since your park ticket is only valid for one day. By all means go for regular tickets, the premium tickets offer you champagne and food, but you can get better quality almost anywhere else in town and the ride is the same.

This was a rather nice brochure picture!
Now this would have been cool to sit in … although I suspect slightly uncomfortable
Steam Train powered by Oil … 😛
I was the last person off the train, hence no crowds

… The train itself is a diesel-powered, upholstered-seat modern and safe tourist-ferrying money maker.

VIP Trains
Even the views of the train weren’t that nice.
There were one or two good pictures that you could take though. I just found it too packed!
Even Felipe our trip mascot didn’t want to look at the view

Slow-moving and crammed full of tourists, the park views offered from the train’s windows are nice but you can see much more on foot (and be able to stop when you want). I guess for those that have never seen a “steam train” or “tree cemetaries”, you could like it too but only prior to a hike in Tierra del Fuego park.

If you are so inclined even after my description, here are the timings of the train

  • Low Season (From May 1st to August 31st)
    • 10:00 hs. from the End of the World Station
    • 11:15 hs. from the National Park Station
    • 12:00 hs. from the End of the World Station (CONDITIONAL minimum 8 passengers)
    • 15:00 hs. from the End of the World Station
  • High Season (From September 1st to April 30th)
    • 09:30 hs. from the End of the World Station
    • 10:40 hs. from the National Park Station
    • 12:00 hs. from the End of the World Station (CONDITIONAL minimum 8 passengers)
    • 15:00 hs. from the End of the World Station
    • 16:10 hs. from the National Park Station

My conclusion was that while some of the scenery was good, I would’ve preferred to walk the route. I was told that the train was the only way to access the north side of the part but I saw many people walking the trails while I was on the train ride. The train ride was nothing too special and everyone was crammed into cars like sardines unless you paid double the rate to be in a first class car. A little bit of interesting history, but really not much. Would definitely recommend skipping the train and just touring the park on foot or with a guide.

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