Throwback to a Trini in Scotland 2004 with bad photography

I was having some thoughts about the Scotch tour I had in Scotland, which was my first really great drinking experience and to my wife who has some English and Scottish in her bloodline … and I was thinking that it’s about time to start planning a trip back to the land of my favorite alcohol. 10 years ago, I had my first real digital camera and while the photo quality is pretty average in terms of my shots today, I can’t help but giggle at my style back then. My friend Avinash and I ended up doing a three day tour from Glasgow to Edinburgh and Stirling with a random stop in Inverness years later as I was flying to France.

10 years later, I’m sure all the places that I shot on those trips would now be completely different. What makes me laugh aside from the horrible colouring of the pictures would be my inability to create a single point of focus within the pictures. I wanted to capture as much detail as possible. Now I realize that trying to squeeze everything into a picture doesn’t do anyone looking at your pictures any favours.

I love taking pictures of stained glass but this one I took was just horrible since I used a flash.

Note to anyone taking pictures of stained glass … using a flash damages the glass and makes your picture look washed out.
What was I thinking here? Although I was in much better shape then for sure!
Here I am at the Stirling Castle doing my best impression of an Indian Bride playing peekaboo
I do like this old picture of the great hall though
Do you have pictures from back in the day that you want to redo? It seems like every year I have more and more pictures I like to go back and reshoot.
This one reminds me of a bad episode of Doctor Who
Oh what I would have done for a tripod and ambient flash in this shot!

Where have you done some bad photography and would like to reshoot?

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