Tuesday Morning – Overrated!!! Stonehenge is just a pile of rocks … literally!

Getting to Stonehenge isn’t a problem, it’s only once you’re there that you have the problem. Don’t be fooled by all those wonderful pictures you see of Stonehenge in books, travel brochures and magazines. You know those pictures that make the place look like something out of Lord of the Rings, yeah those pictures that manage to catch the stones bathed in a splash of sunshine and framed by puffy white clouds. England is rainy and cloudy … that’s what it looks like in real life.

The brutal part is that while Stonehenge can be seen from two roads, unless it’s late in the day and the traffic is terrible. To me, unless your some type of energy healer or something, then Stonehenge is just a pile of very old stones. And while the experience would be worth it if you could at least get close to the stones, touch them and stand right beneath their bulk, you’ll have to make do with looking at them from afar if you visit during normal hours and be prepared for this view.

In the past thetourists used to chip off bits of the rock to take home as souvenirs, the authorities don’t really want to take any chances. If you happen to be in Exeter or close  by Southern England, then you should take the chance to see it, but definitely do not plan a trip to Stonehenge that’s out of your way. The only mystery for me was how 800,000 people a year paid the C$12 cost of admission to look at this pile of crap from a distance.

BTW It is also not an attraction to view during bad weather, as there is currently very little shelter on the premises nor is there any kind of museum explaining possible Stonehenge theories for your $12

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